North Korea – Are You Concerned?

Today South Korea has indicated that North Korea is a “vital threat” due to concerns that they are testing out nuclear missiles. A test launch would violate the UN Security Council Resolution 1718, passed in 2006, stating that the North “must not conduct any further nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile”.US and South Korean sources believe that North Korea has at least one ballistic missile with a range of 3,000km ready and waiting to fire.The launch, according to South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, could happen “anytime from now”.

Furthermore, away from nuclear missiles, South Korea has been hit by a major cyber attack which affected a number of banks and broadcasters – it is suspected that North Korea is to blame.

Currently this ‘cold war’ is at a biting point and the consequences could be devastating!

What are your views? Are you concerned?

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