North Korea Talks With America

North Korea has proposed to conduct talks with America just a few days after they cancelled a meeting with officials from South Korea. The National Defence Commission (which is North Korea’s “highest guiding organ of the military and the managing organ of military matters” according to their 1998 constitution) demanded “serious discussions” to “secure peace and stability”. The US also demanded “credible negotiations” as long as they complied with UN regulations.


This is North Korea and America’s first high-level talks since 2009, with only smaller meeting since. The threat of nuclear war and attacks on South Korea and the US coupled with false promises to work  amicably with these countries led to a renewed desire to engage in high-level talks.

North Korea has constantly been pushing the boundaries, conducting three nuclear tests in the past few years, angering most of the world and their only ally, China. The high-level talks to be conducted are a break-through in almost non-existent compromise previously. Earlier sanctions imposed by China led to increased threats from north Korea and the cutting of hotlines used for emergency communication with the South.

Although earlier in the week North Korea agreed to talk with the South they later cancelled the meeting accusing them of “deliberate disturbance” by changing the head of its delegation. However, they have now said they will be willing to have “serious discussions on a wide range of issues, including the US goal to achieve the world free of nuclear arsenal”.

Do you think North Korea will go ahead with the talks? Will the talks have a positive or negative consequence?

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