Hispanics In America

As Joe Biden (the Vice President) put it earlier this week they are ‘the centre of [the USA’s] future’. He said this in the lime-light of the White House’s push for major reforms of the US immigration system

Hispanics currently make up 10% of America’s population which means that they have significant influence in elections. Furthermore, the number of Hispanics in Congress reached a record 36 meaning that they are section of society which simply can no longer be ignored.

The Hispanic population overwhelmingly support the Democrat with President Barack Obama winning 71 per cent of the Hispanic vote in November, compared to only 27 per cent for Mitt Romney. The vice president said the stark election results meant politicians now understood the “awesome potential” of the Hispanic community and realised that it “must be courted”. However, the Hispanics have also infiltrated the Republican party with well known senators, such as Marco Rubio (Florida), being one. Rubio embraces immigration reform highlighting that the Republicans growing call to address and connect with the Hispanic community.


If the Hispanics are able to be dominated by the Democrats this could prove very costly at both the mid-term election in 2014 and the presidential election in 2016. This issue is most prominent in Texas where a lot of the Hispanic population are moving in to from Mexico. If their population continues to rise here the Democrats could begin a takeover of the southern states not seen since the 1980s.

How important do you think the Hispanic population is?

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