Thatcher’s Funeral Pictures

Thatcher’s funeral is currently underway and as pictures speak louder than words here are a few pictures of what has happened already:


thatcher2 thatcher3 thatcher4 thatcher5


What are your thoughts on Thatcher?

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7 comments on “Thatcher’s Funeral Pictures

  1. mytafrodyt says:

    An incredible woman and a true hero for freedom. She understood the times. She understood how socialism and communism were threats not merely lifestyle choices. She recognised that private enterprise was the economic backbone of society not welfare and trade unionism.

  2. PaulL says:

    Thatcher polarised peopIle at the time, and still does. When she came to power the UK was the “sick man of Europe”, now it’s sort of moderately successful. Without the reforms she introduced the UK would be sort of like France, but worse.

    Unfortunately, like all great politicians, she eventually overreached. The poll tax will forever be what she is remembered for, and I think that in particular was not great policy (even it entirely logical).

    I think that her stature will grow with history, as will Ronald Reagan’s. Unlike the stature of some more recent UK Prime Ministers, such as Tony Blair, who have really achieved little other than holding things together for a period of time and not changing course too much.

  3. efgd says:

    Anthony Blair was simply taking on Thatcher’s mantle. A powerful central government. Of course powerful does not equal right [not meaning right or left political ideology here]. MT was a charismatic leader. Unlike Cameron or Clegg or even Ed Miliband. MT was never ever boring. It was because of her I read politics. Up till then I had no real interest. Cameron and his chums are driving me back to boredom. R.I.P MT.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Nice pictures. Thanks for following my blog.

  5. As a powerful woman, she could have done so much more for women and other minorities such as her gay constituents in the United Kingdom.

    • TonyR says:

      I believe she was a ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ kind of person. We are all in this together, so Human rights should cover everyone.

  6. Reblogged this on Entdecke England and commented:
    Thanks for this nice post that tells in pictures how polarising Margaret Thatcher still is. I believe she paved the way for Britains long economic success in the 1990s and 2000s. But she also made life harder for many people, especially in the north. I do not share many of her conservative views and I agree to Russel Ray Photos, she could have done more for women, knowing how hard it was for her to rise to the top. But she was not an opportunist. And for that she has my respect. How many politicians are there today, who really stand up for what they believe?

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