Ex-Egyptian President Retrial

In June 2012 Hosni Mubarak (the previous president of Egypt) was convicted of conspiracy to kill protesters and was given a life sentence, but a retrial is to begin in Cairo. The retrial is being called after his appeal against his life sentence was accepted by the Egyptian court. About 850 protesters were killed in the 18 day protests in 2011 but it is still uncertain whether Mubarak is responisble.


Currently, he is being held in a military hospital as a result of his poor health. He was flown to a courthouse in Cairo, on Saturday, to begin his retrial, but his poor health meant he had to be carried to the trial on a stretcher (just as he had done in his previous trial, which lasted 10 months). Also being re-tried are are Mubarak’s two sons, a former minister Habib al-Adly and 6 aides. Al-Adly and his two sons were both charged for corruption.

However, some Egyptian citizens think that retrial is not necessary. One citizen, called Ahmed, reflected a widespread mood in Egypt that retrial was no longer the biggest issue. When speaking to the Associated Press he stated: What we care about now is how to make the country develop better, Mubarak no longer has any influence on our economy. The most important thing we should do now is to help industries recover.”

Is Mubarak guilty? Should Egypt move on or is the retrial important?

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One comment on “Ex-Egyptian President Retrial

  1. They have to see it through. If not, sends a horrible message to subsequent leaders, such as Morsi, that they are free to rule with no consequences.

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