UKIP – Can They Compete With The Conservatives And Labour?

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has already been on the rise in national opinion polls, but May 2nd county council elections will show Britain what they are capable of.

In these elections 1734 candidates are standing for election from UKIP, just 22 short of the Liberal Democrat party who are considered the third largest party of Britain. For UKIP to get these candidates elected they will preach their concerns of tax increases and immigration, both of which seem to be similar concerns felt by the country as a whole.


Nigel Farage, the leader of the party, has predicted UKIP will win a seat in each of the 34 county councils where elections are going to occur. UKIP’s success has already been seen at a by-election (which takes place when a seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant) in Eastleigh where they pushed their flagship policy of ending “open door” immigration. Other policy measures they are pushing include:

  • Get out of the European Union
  • Increased spending on defence
  • Life sentences mean life
  • Franchise out key services including hospitals and GP surgeries to companies and charities
  • Child benefit for the first three children only
  • No benefits for anyone who has not lived in the UK for five years
  • Support coal-fired power and oppose wind farms

What are your views on UKIP? Will they be strong in the 2015 general election? Could your country do or do without a party like UKIP?

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2 comments on “UKIP – Can They Compete With The Conservatives And Labour?

  1. Gene Molloy says:

    I do believe that if I lived in the UK I would definite vote UKIP. What a wonder platform.

  2. Most of the policies of UKIP make my blood run cold. For example, i feel that the UK needs: to stay in Europe, not increase spending on Defence, and have more wind farms. I am all for the open immigration of skilled people in and out of the UK, i.e. both ways.

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