Blair’s Warning To Miliband

Tony Blair has warned Ed Miliband about turning the UK Labour Party back to a left-wing protest group that it had been in previous decades. In the New Statesman, a political magazine, Blair stated that Labour is “back as the party opposing ‘Tory cuts'” and is in danger of becoming a “repository for people’s anger” rather than a party with answer’s to the problems the country are currently facing.

Ed Miliband responded to Blair’s comments stating that the Labour party is “moving on and moving forward” and was leading the party in his “own way”. He appreciated Blair’s comments but Miliband feels it is necessary to “sketch out a different vision for the future” to ensure past mistakes are not made again.


Blair showed his concerns of the “old left/right battles” that was in British politics before he himself moved Labour further to the centre ground, through New Labour. He warns Labour against settling back into its “old territory of defending the status quo” and allying itself “to the interests that will passionately and often justly oppose what the government is doing”.

Others have feared the Labour Party, and Ed Miliband, are becoming a second conservative party. Although this appears extreme, Miliband is unwilling to return to traditional ideological grounds for the party. He states: “I always take Tony Blair very, very seriously, but I think what the Labour Party is doing under my leadership is moving on and moving forward. I’m leading in my own way and I think that is what’s most important.”

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4 comments on “Blair’s Warning To Miliband

  1. croppie123 says:

    Right message, wrong man. If Ed were to say ‘OK, then, let’s do it’, guaranteed everyone would accuse him of following a war criminal. I think Blair needs to nudge someone like Brown or D.Miliband and get them to tell Ed.

    If the Labour party are just going to become a protest party, then they will be useless. Cameron can do whatever he wants, and he will probably stay in power because a) no-one knows what Labour believe in- at the moment they are simply a blank canvas and b) there is no strong opposition other than UKIP, and that’s quite frightening considering they are more right-wing than the Tories (but a lot less than the bNP- they border on facism).
    Margaret Thatcher would not have won all three of her elections if Labour had been a stronger opposition. She would maybe have also not done what she did if there had been an opposition that was worthy of fighting and she knew people would vote it. As history dictates though, Labour were a shambles all the way through the Thatcher years and only really restored itself under Blair- by which point it was too late.

  2. awbraae says:

    I think the political context for Labour is quite different now. We are seeing a return to economic conditions that really would favour a party of the left, and it may well take a left wing vision to bring Britain out of the mire. Think of the New Deal in the USA in the 30s, without that left wing programme ordinary American people, and American capitalism, would not have recovered from the depression. I think Britain is experiencing a similar moment here, and needs a similar response, rather than Blair’s third way prescription. Blair’s ideas worked when the going was good, thats not the case today.

  3. I think Blair’s had his day, and risks weakening his old party with his interference. The election is Labour’s to lose – and they’ll only lose by in-fighting.

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