North Korea – Are You Concerned?

Today South Korea has indicated that North Korea is a “vital threat” due to concerns that they are testing out nuclear missiles. A test launch would violate the UN Security Council Resolution 1718, passed in 2006, stating that the North “must not conduct any further nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile”.US and South Korean sources believe that North Korea has at least one ballistic missile with a range of 3,000km ready and waiting to fire.The launch, according to South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, could happen “anytime from now”.

Furthermore, away from nuclear missiles, South Korea has been hit by a major cyber attack which affected a number of banks and broadcasters – it is suspected that North Korea is to blame.

Currently this ‘cold war’ is at a biting point and the consequences could be devastating!

What are your views? Are you concerned?

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9 comments on “North Korea – Are You Concerned?

  1. Cristina P. says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I think the son wants to prove to his father that he, too, can blackmail the world. I do not believe he will go very far. I certainly hope so.

  2. awbraae says:

    Not very concerned, this sort of thing happens a lot on the Peninsula.

  3. nilichari says:

    very much concerned as it has already brought the chaos in the relation between powerful countries. I just wonder, why all the attention are in the possible war rather than on negotiation or discussion that could ease the fear that people are living with in this region.

  4. croppie123 says:

    He’s just a young boy. It’s like a game to him. I’m not quite sure Kim Jong-un fully understands the seriousness and possible consequences of threatening other countries with missiles and nuclear weapons. If he’s not careful, he’ll lead his country into war!

  5. n0njy says:

    I’m not TOO concerned. However…

    1) There’s a possibility that the satellite they orbited MIGHT contain a nuclear device (that’s the rumors running through the halls in certain places).

    2) the timing of the news today about the readiness for launch coincides exactly with a window where that satellite goes over the Midwest of the US (in about 30-40 minutes from the time of this post actually).

    3) If they launch, we do a shoot down (which we will) and that happens to be a nuke….


    4) EMP over central US.

    Could be… “interesting” after that.

    Kim the Klown likely knows better than to do any sort of direct attack. He knows that the retaliation on the DPRK will be anything but lame. On the other hand he certainly has the backing of China and Russia.

    Pulling them into a nuclear conflagration would be Kim Jong-Un’s greatest (and only) achievement.

    • Thank you for your very interesting comments, and I agree that Mutually Assured Destruction “should” stop any nuclear war from occurring – but there is no certainty in that, of course

      • n0njy says:

        No… there is guarantee whatsoever. You see, the Russians (and the Chinese) have shelters rather like our old 1950s type of things, but deeper. We have nothing of the sort. We have no civilian training, we have no Civil Defense, we have “FEMA” who doesn’t really do a good job at anything they do.

        The Russians, Chinese and the US all believe a nuclear exchange would be “limited and survivable” (and in truth, I believe this too). However, cities would be killed outright, not all, but many.

        Essentially, if someone starts lobbing nukes, we’re all going to start lobbing nukes until it’s “done”.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog this morning. I am definitely concerned. Not so much about a direct nuclear attack on U.S. soil but more about the progression that North Korea’s rhetoric has taken. It just seems to be increasing at a rapid pace.

    I feel as though a missile WILL be launched (probably at South Korea). The U.S. WILL step in – and there WILL be various economic, political and emotional effects because of this. It’s basically going to be a display of how quick a nuclear attack can happen – leading to copy cat performances by other organizations/nations/etc.

    On another note – did you see this article? I think it’s completely ludicrous. It’s a GOOD thing that American’s are concerned with this subject and more importantly, it shows that foreign affairs are still of interest (when recent journalism scholars say that anything outside U.S. territory is of no concern to the general public).

    • n0njy says:

      Americans are not “obsessed” with North Korea. I can say from a personal standpoint that they are just one of many “issues” with which this world has to deal. Americans right now are more concerned with our Second Amendment rights, and some of those screaming to remove our guns ought to start paying attention to their First Amendment rights because of that.

      No DPRK is playing a very dangerous game of brinksmanship and blackmail. It will eventually bite them back.

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