Ex-Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin Indicted

Ray Nagin, the ex-mayor of New Orleans, has faced a series of charges including fraud, bribery, filing false tax returns and money laundering. So far two former city officials and two businessmen have pleaded guilty for similar charges. The ex-mayor, Nagin, is accused of abusing his power and position in office for personal gain and of accepting bribes while the city of New Orleans reeled in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Nagin had been mayor from 2002-2010 but had been facing his indictment in the case for a while. According to the federal indictment, Mr Nagin accepted more than $160,000 (£100,000) in bribes for his family business.


Do you fear that people with power abuse their position and authority?

Although this article is to do with America, it is clear similar situations occur elsewhere on a daily basis and we shall create a post on similar situations around the world soon. We fear that abusing powers is one of the greatest fears in politics and democracy.

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5 comments on “Ex-Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin Indicted

  1. illero says:

    I thoroughly detest the practice, but I can’t say that I fear it. Or at least it is low on my list of fears. What I fear much more are politicians spending us into the poor house and legislating (or decreeing) assaults on our Constitution. I fear a liberal media that can affect the outcome of national elections, and an under-informed populace that, through its lack of full information, can turn our thriving democracy into a has-been. I fear what the breakdown of the American family unit has done, and is doing, to America – ripping its heart out. I fear the outcome of those on the welfare train becoming a controlling voting block. And I fear a $17 trillion national debt.

    The merely disgusting practice of taking bribes should be severely punished. But so should legislators who fail to produce “balanced” budgets, legislators who make back-room deals to shunt taxpayer money into their states, presidents who try to become kings, and all politicians who abuse the honor the people have bestowed upon them, lying and scheming against each other as though there were no ethics attached to the responsibility they should feel.

  2. bullright says:

    Yes…. In fact, I’m wondering if he has a future in Congress?

  3. jqpublius says:

    You forgot to mention that Rat Nagin is a Democrat. I would not bring this up, but here in America, the press never mentions the political affiliation of corrupt Democrats. They only tar and feather corrupt Republicans.

    As for your question, “Do you fear that people with power abuse their position and authority?” Yes, I do. That is why government should be held on a very short leash. People by their nature are corrupt. This is especially true if they obtain a little position of authority. That is why you have to limit the damage they can do. Refrain from giving them so much power to plunder the fruits of your labor by confiscatory taxation. Rat Nagin makes a good argument for limited government and conservatism.

    J. Q. Publius

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