Foreign Workers Held Hostage By Islamist Militants In Algeria

A number of foreign workers at a gas facility in Algeria are being held hostage. So far there has been a reported 2 deaths (one British and an Algerian in an attack on a bus), however some 20 other nationals are being held, although the kidnappers say they have 41 people hostage. The Islamists militants are said to be working for Al-Qaeda and had planned to leave the country with the hostages – but Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kabila had refused to let them go.

The attackers had attacked at 5am on a bus which was being escorted by the police, killing 2. After, the militants drove to the gas facility’s living quarters and took a number of Algerian and foreign workers hostage, but released a number of Algerian workers. A list of demands had been sent to Algerian authorities, and the hostages would be killed if troops attempted to rescue them, the spokesman added. ”Storming the gas complex would be easy for the Algerian military, but the outcome of such an operation would be disastrous,” he warned.

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One comment on “Foreign Workers Held Hostage By Islamist Militants In Algeria

  1. glenn greenfield says:

    These Islamist scum need to learn that taking hostages will not profit them. Track down the leaders make em pay!

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