Swearing In Day Of Hugo Chavez In Venezuela

In a previous post we talked about the possibility of Hugo Chavez being unable to take office for his next term due to being treated for a lung infection. There had been a lot of opposition from those who though it was undemocratic that Diosado Cabello could lead Venezuela without public consent. Fortunately for them it has been declared legal to postpone Chavez’s inauguration, thus extending his mandate whilst he recovers.

The President of the Supreme Court, Luisa Estella Morales, said today that it would be “absurd” if the people of Venezuela did not declare Chavez’s illness as an authorised absence. She agreed that the oath to take office in the new term should be delayed to a later day than 10th January (the original inauguration day).


The result of this was to enable the people currently in office in Venezuela to continue until Chavez has recovered. Those who oppose Chavez, as stated in a previous post, would like Chavez’s powers temporarily removed whilst he recovers, allowing Diosdado to take temporary power, but they do not want Vice-President Nicolas Maduro to take temporary power.

What are your thought on the delay of Chavez’s inauguration, and is this constitutional?

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2 comments on “Swearing In Day Of Hugo Chavez In Venezuela

  1. Not sure about Chavez, I want him to be one of the good guys but personally feel he may be a bit too egotistical and self-interested.

    Either way I hope he gets well soon. The people have spoken and he is their leader.

    Good luck to Chavez and good luck to Venezuela.

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