Italian Election 2013

Next month, on February 24th 2013, Italy will hold a general election to establish who is to become members of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and the two houses of the Italian parliament.

Previous president of Italy,  Silvio Berlusconi, resigned after the problems with the European sovereign debt Crisis as well as facing charges of a sex allegation with a prostitute who was underage. However, in December 2012, Berlusconi announced he was standing for president again for The People of Freedom Party. Soon after he announced this, The People of Freedom Party withdrew their support for government resulting in Mario Monti’s resignation as president of Italy – stating that he could not govern with a loss of support for his platform.

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi speaks during a news conference at Villa Gernetto in Gerno near Milan

In the one year that Monti has been president unemployment in Italy has increased by 2%, there have been tax increases and spending cuts. In his time in office he controversially told the youthful Italians to change jobs often because staying in one job was monotonous – which was likely to have negative effects on the economy.

On 7th January 2013 an ally stated that Berlusconi will not stand for President even if his party win next month’s election, however Berlusconi did say that he may become the finance minister. Robert Maroni, an Italian Politician, stated that “the candidate for prime minister will not be Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio Berlusconi accepted the request to not stand as prime minister.” We will see what happens next month…

This is a very interesting election and one we recommend you all look out for and read up on. But, do not worry, we will be posting regular updates on this. What are your views? And do you agree/mind that Berlusconi is still involved with politics and potentially running for President of Italy?

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5 comments on “Italian Election 2013

  1. kumadorian says:

    I am very sure Silvio Berlusconi will still be involved in Italian politics, but not in the former role as Prime Minister.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, that seems a very sensible prediction of Berlusconi’s intentions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Berlusconi is a candidate to avoid jail

  4. tuttacronaca says:

    Berlusconi is a candidate to avoid jail

  5. notabene says:

    Italy has always been a puzzle for foreigners who want to understand its apparently unintelligible political dialectic. In fact you only need to know that Italy’s two main problems are:
    1) North Italy and South Italy are incompatible, the second being a very millstone around your neck
    2) the millenary influence of the catholic church on Italy’s destiny and culture

    The second point means that the catholic traditional dislike for rich people (the last ones shall be the first) has a bad influence on the way the economic issues are handled in Italy, so that the strong moral obligation to solidarity (towards especially the South of Italy) inhibit the economic development and destroys the possibilities of growth. This is the reason why Italy has reached a debt of 2000 billions euros (it has been since 40 years ago that our debt began to grow). This is also the reason why we have in Italy a big marxist left party: to fight the catholic religion you need another religion (laic). This accounts for the quarrelsome character of italian politics. Mr Berlusconi tried to counter this trend, obviously with no success. The left party, not being able to renew its political identitarian program since the fall of the berlin wall, was successful to destroy Berlusconi’s reputation because of sexual affairs and not in force of a valuable political and economic program. Mr Monti (a man with many links with the catholic world) has no chance to solve italian problems. Maybe no one has a chance.

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