The Importance of Community Cohesion in Society in 2013

What is community cohesion?

Community cohesion refers to the aspect of togetherness and bonding exhibited by members of a community, the “glue” that holds a community together. This might include features such as a sense of common belonging or cultural similarity.

About Community Cohesion

Not too long ago in the UK the concept of community cohesion literally meant having one or two minorities in your neighbourhood. Nowadays, there has been a greater emphasis on creating a society where many different people can interact from many different backgrounds. Today, in 2013, the importance is still ever growing.


The Importance in previous years

In previous years there have been many riots, including those in 2001 between white and Asian communities in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford. Furthermore, four years later, the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London brought the concept of community cohesion to the forefront of people’s minds in the fear of further attacks. After all, cohesion creates a unified society.

The Importance in 2013

The importance of community cohesion in 2013 lies in the factor that the citizens of the UK most fear – that is the prospect of a triple-dip recession and increased levels of unemployment. Therefore, community cohesion is vital if the UK is to prevent these issues from occurring. How? Well, community cohesion would create confidence in each other and, as a result, in the economy meaning we would spend more money and revitalise the economy. At present there is too much tension between people causing them to save and not spend fuelling the recession.

However, the debate lies in how much more would you spend with increased cohesion? We think the best example of this can be seen in the Olympics of 2012 which boosted the UK economy by ‘£13 billion’. If we were able to sustain such community cohesion then the UK would be ‘virtually immune’ from issues in 2013. Without, the triple-dip recession is inevitable.

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3 comments on “The Importance of Community Cohesion in Society in 2013

  1. Excellent synopsis – thanks for your thoughts on the importance of community cohesion in Britain in 2013 – I did a project on the Importance of Community Cohesion the Government in 2012 for my GCSE Citizenship Project and I get an A*! You might be interested in looking at my facebook page and blog on my local newspaper ‘The Shuttle’?

  2. Thank you very much for your comment!

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