Dispute Over The Falklands

Ever since a small section of land in the Antarctic was named as British there has been strong disputes with Argentina. Argentine president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, recently contacted David Cameron demanding back the ‘Las Malvinas’ (there name for the Falkland Islands).

On January 3rd 2013, Cameron made a firm statement to “do everything to protect the interests of the Falkland islanders” and that the islanders had shown a “clear desire to remain British”.

Fernandez believes that she has the world’s support and popular consent which could embarrass Cameron into negotiation over who owns the Falklands. However, Cameron sees this as the best way to start 2013, and with the flag flying above 10 Downing Street, and believes he can gain a lot of support as long as he does not cave in due to pressure.

Britain is currently enduring a time of poor economic performance, there are tensions over immigration, and questions being raised in public about our role in Europe. Good management of this situation could give new energy to the British public with a sense of pride that Cameron can take advantage of to win the electorate’s support.

Who do you think should own the Falklands and why? Join the debate!

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One comment on “Dispute Over The Falklands

  1. Argus says:

    When politically desperate … talk tough. Even start a war. It never hurts the ol’ ratings (so long as you win, of course).

    There’s a lot at stake—draw a (what is it these days, still 200 miles?) EEZ radius around the Falklands et al and you have a considerable real estate … provided of course that you can hold it.

    The UN is no help. The US will only help if it is overwhelmingly in US interests. Principles and ethics, morality, whatever … are no help. Military strength alone decides who owns what.

    If it were up to me I’d simply publicly ask the natives (by which I mean the incumbents) what would they rather: (a) be British, or (b) be Argentinians, or (c) be a sovereign nation in their own right … ? And I would support with their decision.

    Mind you, for a few concessions from the new sovereign nation I’d offer a binding alliance—and I’d do it before the Yanks got there. Win/win all round~? But with no carriers—how does the nice man in the video propose to hold those Falklands?

    Damn. I feel another post coming on …

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